Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A million bucks for whale vomit?

It could be upchuck for megabucks! It's called Ambergris or floating gold. Ambergris, is the vomit of the sperm whale, it comes out almost clear and turns darker over time. It is a very rare substance and could fetch a thousand dollars a pound. The perfume industry covets this natural form of perfume ingredient largely because of it's rarity and because most manufacturers have switched to synthetic versions. If you are strolling the beach and should happend to trip over some you should be abe to find a buyer in the perfume industry no problem. Time to go surfing!
All we can say is good luck findin' some upchuck

Monday, April 27, 2009

Celebrity Fragrances. Our noses feel the pain.

As much as we all love our celebrities and have our favorites, one must stop and wonder… How many more celebrities will come up with their designer fragrance?

Well, let’s just explore the possibilities. Say, we have the newest, hottest fragrance by Sylvester Stallone, Rocky… a punch of this sexy eau de cologne will knock every woman out and you won’t even have to count to 10. Rambo for Him, a powerful cologne that is sure to blow you away, literally! Or, how about the latest perfume by the Octomom...it comes in eight great fragrances.

Now, I’ll have to admit that I get excited about all of the new fragrances out there. It keeps me busy and in business. It’s also great to have the variety so we all smell different – remember those days when there were just a few popular fragrances that everyone wore, at the same time? But, who else will be making the jump into the celebrity fragrance scene? Any ideas? Let us know…

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Perfume and cologne: Weapons of Mass Seduction.

With hundreds of new fragrances released every year, perfume and cologne has traditionally been marketed as a way to catch the attention of the opposite sex… Advertising focuses on how atractive you’ll be if you wear the latest perfume by a famous designer, or better, your favorite celebrity.

Now, let’s think about this concept for a minute – yes, the sense of smell is the most powerful of all senses, and fragrances play a roll in stimulating the brain. But is it that the fragrance makes us confident? Is it that your mindset is influenced by the fact that you are wearing a “seductive fragrance”? Sex sells, and is selling lots of perfume and cologne. We have moved from a splash of clean and fresh scent to a spray of seduction. No more talk about how wonderful you will smell.

Now it’s all about how many members of the opposite sex will fall to your feet because of how you smell. Perfume and cologne is about creating an extension of your appearance – one that is only perceived by anyone within an arms reach from you. The fragrance becomes you as it mixes with your body chemistry to create a signature scent that is uniquely yours, and one that some members of the opposite sex will find attractive. However, if you are thinking about knocking every prospect down to their knees because of the fragrance you’re wearing, maybe you need to spend your money wisely!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I say spray it...don't say it!

Fragrance sensitivity is on the rise. Just recently In the Wallingford school system of Connecticut, use of cologne and perfume is prevalent among the students. And why not? After all teens don't shower much and they need to put on those body deodorants to attract the opposite sex...just like the commercials say they do. In Minneapolis, the overuse of products like Axe and Tag in school hallways has gotten to the point that the school district has seen a need for a policy addressing the scents.
The primary concern is that the strong scent would trigger headaches and, for asthmatics, heighten the risk of a respiratory attack., rather than the women attacking the guys as advertised. In the workplace that issue seems to be a topic of discussion. a person emitting a strong, foul scent, whether from perfume or poor hygiene, can often negatively affect the work environment around them. Jacqueline Whitmore, a Polk County native and author of "Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work," said it is perfectly acceptable to address a co-worker who wears too much perfume, particularly if others may have a sensitivity to it. Whitmore says the perfume offender will likely understand, since perfume sensitivity is a common problem.
I know that at Scentiments.com we encourage the use of fragrances at work. Wearing fragrance is an expression of one's self, so the determination of your odor and the effects around you must be considered.
We say express yourself until someone complains.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scentiments on TV!!

If you live in Philadelphia you had the pleasure of watching an informative segment on deals that can be found at Scentiments.com. The interview featured our own CEO, Howard Wyner. He flew in for the day to get interviewed. Flying out at 5am that morning he arrived in Philadelphia to do the interview, grab a Philly cheese steak and escape an ice storm. Amy Buckman of WPVI TV (abc) did the news story. You can see the story about discount perfume. You can read the story below.

By Amy Buckman
February 9, 2009 (WPVI) -- Scentiments.com is a discount perfume website that can save you big bucks

All of Scentiments.com's products sell for less than department store prices.
But their best deals are on testers -- the bottles that manufacturers make for spritzing at cosmetic counters.
These aren't little samples. They're full-size bottles of fragrance. The big difference is the packaging. Some come in plain brown boxes, or bubble wrap or no packaging at all. Others may not have fancy caps.
Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the testers from the regular bottles.
Except when it comes to price. The testers all cost 10 to 50% percent less.
For example, a 4.2-ounce bottle of Curve Kicks retails for about $50. Scentiments sells it for $22. But the tester bottle is just $12.
The discounts aren't as deep on the more exclusive 3.4-ounce Dolce and Gabanna eau de toilette, but there's still a savings. It retails for about $80. Scentiments sells it for $68. And the tester is just $60.
Another example, the 3.3-ounce bottle of Red Door, retails for about $55, it's $24 on the website, and just $19 for the tester.
Shipping is $5.99 for the first five items, but it's free if you order more than $75.
The site doesn't have testers for all of its scents, and they do sell out quickly when they're available.
But if you can snatch one you'll definitely enjoy the sweet smell of savings.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The sweet smell of a bargain

Check out this article from the Chicago Tribune:

The sweet smell of a bargain
By Nina Metz Special to the Tribune
December 7, 2008
The economy stinks. You, on the other hand, want to smell lovely. But maybe you're not comfortable plunking down upward of $100 on your favorite scent these days—for you or your gift list. Time to hunt down some deals and low-cost alternatives. "What's popular right now are the classic fragrances, and there are two reasons," fragrance expert Jan Moran said. "One is because typically they're better priced—they've been out for a while, and they have not seen the price increases that you see in new fragrances." Apparently it takes a lot of dough to launch a new fragrance, and that cost is passed on to you, the consumer, so the old stand-bys are going to be more competitively priced. "And two, in uncertain times—such as the economic times we're in—people often go back to the tried and true."OK, but let's say you're wedded to that pricey bottle. "People really bond to the fragrance that they've been wearing for years," said Moran, "and throughout good times and bad times, people will buy that fragrance because it makes them feel good. It's part of their persona, it's part of who they are."
Moran suggests roller balls or cream sachets (fragrance solids). "They're less expensive, and a little bit goes a long, long way. It's a very economical way of applying fragrance. It's a roll-on, so you put it just where you want it—whereas with a spray, you spray it all over, and there's a lot of waste involved in that." And then there's the Internet, where you'll find Web retailers that offer significantly lower prices on brand name perfumes. How do they do it? I rang up Howard Wyner, a Mt. Prospect native and founder and CEO of Scentiments (scentiments.com), which is based in South Florida."We're selling name brand stuff at deep discounts, so there's always going to be a little skepticism," he acknowledged. "There's always that talk about fragrances—that it can't be real at that price." Actually, it can be.According to Wyner, here's how it works. Perfume manufacturers sell their products in two ways. Retailers (such as department stores) often pay half the manufacturer's suggested retail price. If your favorite bottle runs you $70, the store probably got it for $35. Usually the manufacturer provides free samples and buys advertising that touts the store. But perfume makers also sell to duty-free stores in airports, as well as distributors (many based overseas) that then sell to discounters such as Scentiments. Sometimes these distributors actually become the manufacturers; Wyner cited French Fragrances Inc., which acquired Elizabeth Arden a few years ago. Because products from fragrance suppliers do not come with extra goodies—the free samples, the ads—companies like Scentiments buy at better prices than department stores, and can therefore pass that savings on to you. Plus, Web retailers have fewer real estate costs.Here's another thing to consider. Sometimes manufacturers sell their testers to fragrance vendors. "They may have overruns or they want to reduce their inventory of testers," Wyner said. "So we're able to buy them at 20 or 30 percent less than regular goods." At Scentiments, testers are labeled as such and come in plain cardboard boxes (as opposed to the packaging you're used to), but they are brand new—meaning, unopened and unused.Be a smart shopper, says Mark Jeffery, technology management professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, who offers some tips.
• Is the Web site linked to a reputable third-party price comparison site, such as Amazon or Shopzilla? Scentiments, for example, is a BizRate award winner. That means a significant number of shoppers have had a positive experience with the company.
• Use a service such as PayPal, which offers a layer of consumer protection.
• Is it easy to contact the company? Make sure you can get a response by e-mail or phone within 24 hours. • Jeffery also advises that you start with a small, inexpensive purchase to "see how it goes."
• Also, as you shop, take in account the shipping charges. Some Web sites offer free shipping.
• And a tip from Wyner of Scentiments: Most perfumes are sized using the metric system (milliliters) that are then translated into ounces. Don't be rattled if you see a brand selling at 3.3 ounces on one Web site, and 3.4 oz on another. It's all 100 ml; it's just a matter of how the number was rounded when converted to ounces.

Scentiments.com voted Hot 100 website for 2009!

Here is the article as feature in Internet Retailer Magazine.

Social scentsPeople wear perfume and cologne to send a message. It’s a social act that says other peoples’ opinions matter. Scentiments.com, which features deeply discounted prices, makes buying fragrances a social experience, as well.
Product pages offer visitors many ways to seek others’ opinions about a product, or to express their own. A Share This link allows a visitor to e-mail a friend, post a comment to a page on Facebook or other social networks, or to comment on more than three dozen social web sites, from familiar ones like Digg and StumbleUpon to the Chinese-language Funp.
“It’s similar to word of mouth,” says Howard Wyner, CEO of Scentiments.com. Consumers are always bragging about getting a great deal, he says. “That’s the tipping point, not just buying the product, but buying it at the best price out there.”
In a recent 30-day period, Wyner says, 1,400 visitors used the sharing tool, from ShareThis Inc. Most e-mailed friends, while others posted to Facebook, Google Bookmarks, MySpace and other social networks. It all helps build qualified traffic, Wyner says.
The site also added customer reviews in September 2007, and now has about 50,000 reviews posted. That helps make the site a more useful resource for customers, Wyner adds. Consumers also can e-mail the retailer’s Fragrance Guru and get advice from employees who can sample products stored in the company’s on-site warehouse.
When an item is out of stock, consumers can click an Alert Me option and provide their e-mail address. Fragrances are often unavailable, as a suddenly hot product can disappear quickly. Scentiments sends out an e-mail when the item is available again. “We get huge conversions when those e-mail go out, 35-45%,” Wyner says.
Recognizing that consumers may be skeptical of the site’s low prices, Wyner prominently displays the company’s high ranking from BizRate, which summarizes consumer ratings of companies, and provides answers to questions about its low prices and quality of goods.
“Scentiments makes great use of visitor assurances and carries an extensive selection,” says Ethan Giffin, founder of e-commerce consulting firm Groove Commerce