Monday, April 27, 2009

Celebrity Fragrances. Our noses feel the pain.

As much as we all love our celebrities and have our favorites, one must stop and wonder… How many more celebrities will come up with their designer fragrance?

Well, let’s just explore the possibilities. Say, we have the newest, hottest fragrance by Sylvester Stallone, Rocky… a punch of this sexy eau de cologne will knock every woman out and you won’t even have to count to 10. Rambo for Him, a powerful cologne that is sure to blow you away, literally! Or, how about the latest perfume by the comes in eight great fragrances.

Now, I’ll have to admit that I get excited about all of the new fragrances out there. It keeps me busy and in business. It’s also great to have the variety so we all smell different – remember those days when there were just a few popular fragrances that everyone wore, at the same time? But, who else will be making the jump into the celebrity fragrance scene? Any ideas? Let us know…

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