Monday, August 07, 2006

It's Alive! The soft launch Begins.

We are in the soft beta Launch of Beta. We launched at 12:45 today. We are very excited about the new site. You can view it by clicking here. Beside the superb new look and feel, it now has enhanced navigation and searchability. The new search includes an easy drop down menu by designer and the new keyword search has the ability to search by fragrance name or even the fragrance note (i.e rose, bergamot) contained in the fragrance. Once you find the product of interest you can also view all related items on the same page. Our current check out process is easy, but this new one is even more streamlined. There are many more bells and whistles to come. We welcome your posts.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's ready....we think?

After an exhausting week the beta site is "alive"!
The data import was the toughest hurdle...Getting the thousands of products imported took longer than expected, but the site is fully functional. We plan on providing a link on our home page to invite our customers to take it for a test drive. Before we publish, we just need to check for typos and any functionality issues. The home page needs some tweaking with the featured products. Overall we are extremely excited with the new site.