Monday, September 25, 2006

Thanks for the feedback.

We appreciate all of the fantastic feedback we are receiving with the Beta site. Remember this site is still in development, so now is the time to give us your feedback so we can make shopping the site easy and fun.
Laurie says: Your new web site is GREAT! Easy to navigate and the graphics of each product shown is very appealing. I hope you continue with this type of web site for your product's!"

Mary says:"Awesome !! And a major and much needed redesign for a great website. I enjoy shopping w/ you but sometimes could not exactly remember the exact product I wanted--a little jog of the memory by
having a little picture is a great idea. "

Carol says:"I visited your new website. It is pretty and it does show the product as you scroll. I guess it is better, I was just comfortable with your old site."

Chris says" please keep the prices listed next to the fragrance like you do on the old site. It makes shopping a breeze"

Thanks again for the feedback. Check the site for changes on a weekly basis. If you have an idea let us know at

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Re-launched and re-tooled

When we last launched the site in early August, we were able to obtain plenty of good data and feedback. We took the site underground again to make some changes and modifications to make the experience even better. We are in the next phase of our beta launch and are happy with the tweaks we have made. We are receiving some good feedback from our customers that will assist in making your shopping experience the best on the web. If you have a chance check it out