Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scentiments on TV!!

If you live in Philadelphia you had the pleasure of watching an informative segment on deals that can be found at The interview featured our own CEO, Howard Wyner. He flew in for the day to get interviewed. Flying out at 5am that morning he arrived in Philadelphia to do the interview, grab a Philly cheese steak and escape an ice storm. Amy Buckman of WPVI TV (abc) did the news story. You can see the story about discount perfume. You can read the story below.

By Amy Buckman
February 9, 2009 (WPVI) -- is a discount perfume website that can save you big bucks

All of's products sell for less than department store prices.
But their best deals are on testers -- the bottles that manufacturers make for spritzing at cosmetic counters.
These aren't little samples. They're full-size bottles of fragrance. The big difference is the packaging. Some come in plain brown boxes, or bubble wrap or no packaging at all. Others may not have fancy caps.
Sometimes it's hard to distinguish the testers from the regular bottles.
Except when it comes to price. The testers all cost 10 to 50% percent less.
For example, a 4.2-ounce bottle of Curve Kicks retails for about $50. Scentiments sells it for $22. But the tester bottle is just $12.
The discounts aren't as deep on the more exclusive 3.4-ounce Dolce and Gabanna eau de toilette, but there's still a savings. It retails for about $80. Scentiments sells it for $68. And the tester is just $60.
Another example, the 3.3-ounce bottle of Red Door, retails for about $55, it's $24 on the website, and just $19 for the tester.
Shipping is $5.99 for the first five items, but it's free if you order more than $75.
The site doesn't have testers for all of its scents, and they do sell out quickly when they're available.
But if you can snatch one you'll definitely enjoy the sweet smell of savings.

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