Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I say spray it...don't say it!

Fragrance sensitivity is on the rise. Just recently In the Wallingford school system of Connecticut, use of cologne and perfume is prevalent among the students. And why not? After all teens don't shower much and they need to put on those body deodorants to attract the opposite sex...just like the commercials say they do. In Minneapolis, the overuse of products like Axe and Tag in school hallways has gotten to the point that the school district has seen a need for a policy addressing the scents.
The primary concern is that the strong scent would trigger headaches and, for asthmatics, heighten the risk of a respiratory attack., rather than the women attacking the guys as advertised. In the workplace that issue seems to be a topic of discussion. a person emitting a strong, foul scent, whether from perfume or poor hygiene, can often negatively affect the work environment around them. Jacqueline Whitmore, a Polk County native and author of "Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work," said it is perfectly acceptable to address a co-worker who wears too much perfume, particularly if others may have a sensitivity to it. Whitmore says the perfume offender will likely understand, since perfume sensitivity is a common problem.
I know that at we encourage the use of fragrances at work. Wearing fragrance is an expression of one's self, so the determination of your odor and the effects around you must be considered.
We say express yourself until someone complains.

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