Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Testing is underway.

We have begun our Alpha testing for the new site. Like any new design we have discovered some minor bugs. We have encountered some bugs relating to the products we have listed. For example; Elizabeth Arden is listed in different variations for the same name For example; The products are list "by" EA, E. Arden, and Elizabeth Arden. This caused problems with the product listings, so we had to go through that designer and the rest of our 6000 SKU's to get all the different products "on the same page". We also discovered "duh" bugs like having the remove buton on the shopping cart (that would be nice!!) There are some minor issues with the navigation that need to be ironed out, but we do expect beta testing some time next week. At the present time our employees are test shopping the site. The are very excited about the new design and the ease of use. More news regarding the site as they develop.

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