Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What's the deal with testers?

The most frequently asked question on our site is "what is a tester?" Well...Here is an in-depth answer. We've all been in department stores and been approached by the fragrance salesperson offering to give us a sample spray or noticed the line-up of testers on the shelf. Testers are made by the manufacturer to help promote their fragrance by allowing customers to try the fragrance before purchasing. Buys testers directly from the manufacturer unused and with the entire original quantity in the container. Because these products are sold to without a fancy box, we are able to buy them at a much lower price and pass the savings directly onto you. If you are purchasing a fragrance for yourself or just do not need a box for the product, why not purchase a tester and get the same amount of high-quality product at an even deeper discount. There is no difference between testers and "regular goods" except the price. So to getter better deals on discounted perfumes or fragrances be sure to pick-up a tester you will not be disappointed.

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