Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Man behind the Nose

The Fragrance Guru is the enigmatic icon of He helps tens of thousands of customers a year with fragrance advice and other helpful hints about fragrances. The burning question is: who is he really? "Well he doesn't talk much" says Howard Wyner, CEO of Scentiments. "He keeps to himself most of the day while he is hiding away in a dark, quiet room sniffing fragrances. He deprives himself of all of the other senses except the obvious."
"The Nose that Knows" is also very helpful with customer service as well. He makes a point of answering every email. The Scentiments customer service staff are very thankful for his contribution.
Once he surfaced for some fresh air, we were able to ask him the question: "What is your all time favorite question?" He replied, "That is simple! Many people want to know which fragrance will attract the opposite sex. People have to understand that fragrances are an accessory, like shoes or a belt. When it comes down to it looks and personality are the major factors. With that being said it can't hurt to smell good!".

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