Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Take A Tour Down Perfume Lane – New Scentiments.com Site Map

Lost in cyberspace? It happens often. Here at Scentiments.com we want to make sure you find your way around. Are you looking for fragrance products? Or, maybe the latest men’s skin care? Or how about some valuable information to help you become a wiser shopper? Well, struggle no more!

Introducing our brand new site map page. This is a page designed to help you find your way around as you get to know Scentiments.com. As you may already know, we offer the best prices online, guaranteed! Now, you may not be familiar with all of our information pages – containing tons of helpful information and interesting tips about perfume and cologne. From the history of perfume to the top 10 best selling fragrances, we have it here. Is there a topic we have not covered? No, problem. Just let us know, and we’re on it!

As a bonus, the site map page provides links to all of the places of interest, such as our Myspace page – dontstink, our Perfume University Blog – aka P.U. and our facebook page – all loaded with lots of important information about fragrances.

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