Monday, November 12, 2007

Post a review and you can win!

Scentiments values your opinion... customers who have placed an order for discount perfume or cologne within the past 6 months is receiving an email to post a review of the fragrance that was purchased. If they post a review they will be eligible to win one thousand dollars!
Also anyone who visits and posts a product review between now and December 15th can also be eligible to win. No purchase necessary.

Be sure to enter your email address once you have complete the review and you are entered to win.
Click here for official rules and details.

1 comment:

M. Stock said...

Hello, I am a long time web customer of yours. I am a great price comparison shopper and to date I HAVE NOT found a better price than yours. I have done search thru several search engines and you always come up with the best price. I have also been lured by emails from other perfume sites promising lower prices. The times that I did find lower prices were for bottles with LESSER ounzes. The moral of the story: Trust scentiments and happy shopping.

M. Stock