Monday, August 07, 2006

It's Alive! The soft launch Begins.

We are in the soft beta Launch of Beta. We launched at 12:45 today. We are very excited about the new site. You can view it by clicking here. Beside the superb new look and feel, it now has enhanced navigation and searchability. The new search includes an easy drop down menu by designer and the new keyword search has the ability to search by fragrance name or even the fragrance note (i.e rose, bergamot) contained in the fragrance. Once you find the product of interest you can also view all related items on the same page. Our current check out process is easy, but this new one is even more streamlined. There are many more bells and whistles to come. We welcome your posts.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Valerie said...

I've been a long time customer of and I've passed on the website to every girl I know.

My mom got me started as a perfume fanatic! and no one has better prices than scentiments!! I hope you guys STAY that way.

Tabbed browsing has made it easy to check and compare prices with all the so called discount perfume sites. This one is the ONLY real discount site.

What I'd like to see on the blog is a discussion on the different types of scents for those who prefer say, Florals over Oriental scents... The differnces between Green and White florals...and maybe a guide for people like me who like to narrow done their perfume choices to say...Jasmine based or Honeysuckle based or Gardenia based perfumes.

Any way....keep up the good work guys...

oh...and are a man of few words!!


Valerie said...


Love the new website!! Much more modern. I wish you had a "wish list" on there that if I didn't want to buy on a particular day..I could remember later what I was thinking about buying....that last time I looked.

Anonymous said... is a great site!

However, it would be even better if the selection could be expanded to include Bond no.9, Acqua Di Parma, and Gendarme, and perhaps expand the current selection from the houses of Caron and Hermes.

Apart from this, its the best website with the best prices !

Tina said...

I totally agree about expanding the Caron selection and including Bond no 9. That would make it PERFECT!